Motivational: Inked Wisdom, Over Familiarity - Jennifer Azubuike


One day the little sparrow (bird) stood in admiration of the turkey he envied the turkey and he began to feel that God had cheated other little birds of his kind, he wondered why God wasted so many feathers on the turkey and only spared little feathers for him.

On a rainy day, the sparrow begged the turkey for him to take cover under his feathers, out of the turkey’s kind heart, he agreed. While under the feathers of the turkey, the sparrow carefully examined the turkey's feathers and realized that it was just mere feathers, no flesh just a camouflage covering nothing, the turkey was empty without its feathers, he laughed.

What Too Much Familiarity Can Lead to

A time came when the animal kingdom conducted a wrestling competition, each animal challenged animals of its size and wrestled with them. On getting to the birds, the little sparrow flew out and challenged the turkey to a fight...Ha!!! Other animals mocked him and asked him to go and sit down, they thought probably he was drunk or going crazy.

The turkey looked at him and warned him to challenge someone else, but he insisted. With no further arguments, the turkey agreed and as he was coming out with pride, the other animals hailed him.

As soon as the sound of the flute was heard for the fight, the little sparrow quickly preached on the turkey's head, turned him round and round and round until the turkey lost stamina and fell down to the ground and lost the wrestling.

Everyone was amazed and hailed the little sparrow, there and then came the downfall of the MIGHTY TURKEY.

Meditation and Moral lesson

Over familiarity can take one to their early grave.
After all, it is he who knows how many tubers of yam in ur barn will mock u when famine comes.

There are a lot of people secretly envying you and may wish for an opportunity to understudy you and use ur weakness against you. Don't give them that opportunity,
Be kind and nice but use your head.
one-word for one-wiseman

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