Climbing The Stairs To Top Success is Not a Lone Journey


Climbing the Staircase of a building to reach the top is more like an individuals' journey here on earth to reach the goal which is can be termed a success. But then, Show me a man(whether dead or living) who single-handled succeeded in this life and I will show you where exactly God built a house in Africa and currently living there.

A man climbing staircase to Success.

About The Top Goal Achievement

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself if there was that one person on this broad earth that has ever reached the top goal of his journey or even halfway all alone? The words “top goal“ can mean so many things. 

Things like being successful in a field, being a graduate of any level of education, being a regional manager in a company, a successful footballer representing a top leadership team in a tournament, a Chief executive Officer(CEO) of a company, a successful Blogger in the technological industry, a famous Musician, a famous actor/actress, and even to the level of being a married man or woman. A lot of examples to mention that the words “peak of his journey” can connote.

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But then, from the above-mentioned level or status, is there anyone who you think got there all alone without the support or influence of an external body or force? The answer is NO because life and nature wouldn’t even permit that and the only one who is capable of doing such is God and no man. 

Many of us reading this are already wondering and contemplating what exactly am I talking about and what exact point am I trying to make out of this thought of mine. But don’t you get yourself worried for I would bring to us a clear illustration that will finally bring us to the limelight.

And here we have it, following the diagram below, it’s a picture of you trying to embark on a journey of life which is to climb stairs with numerous rising and landings. Still in that picture, your supporter is right there watching and waiting for you to take the first step so that it would throw you its own support. I know you already bothered to some extent. 

I can see You are already looking everywhere in the picture and searching for what exactly your supporter is. Don’t worry, I would analyze the picture and you would be amazed when you finally know what exactly your supporter is.

going up stairs

Analyzing Every Part Of The Success Picture Illustration

Now let’s go back to the picture as I explain all the features in the picture. Starting with the steps, there are about 10 steps that you would take to attain the peak of your journey. 

 The top part of your body is you and all you have on you to embark on the journey is one leg. By now I believe you should know your supporter. it is the second leg. It’s funny to you, right? But that is it. 

Now let's go on. The so-called second leg can mean anybody around you, can mean your parents/guardian, school teacher, master, teammates, the boss in the office, Leader, friends, even your God, and so on. Just the way the second leg watches you and wait for you to take the first leg up to the first step before rendering you the support by coming up is also the same way any of the people mentioned above watches you and wait for you to take your first step in life before giving you the needed support.

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Note that if the second leg didn’t come up, your whole body wouldn’t be completely on the first step.

But even after taken the first step, the second leg won’t leave you and go, instead, it continues to watch and wait for you to take the next step then it comes up as usual. This is what you, your one leg, and the second leg keep reiterating till you finally get to the peak of your journey. And this same action is equally applicable to you and your supporter(s) till you finally reach the peak of your success.

Moral Lesson on this Thought about Going Up Stairs

I believe you got the message right? Yes. But then, supporter(s) and success do not just surface like that. Two solid arms must trigger them in life and they are as follows; 

  • God: Having a God in this life is one striking force to your success. I regard him as the greatest “External Force” that is capable of pushing you off your stagnant life. Your supporter comes up to you through him. So when you have him, then you are good to go in life.
  • Getting yourself ready and available: Here is another solid arm. Get yourself ready for any task is what pushes you to the tip of your success, it shows you’ve taken your first steps and so get your supporter(s) attracted to you. You get yourself ready by first accepting the task irrespective of the risk ahead. Going out there to acquire a skill. With this, you’ve got yourself ready.

In conclusion, you can never succeed alone, no one is capable. When you think of most of all these top successful men and women out there, You should also think of so many supporters(direct or indirect) they have encountered all through the course of their journey.

Now, what is the moral lesson behind this? The moral lesson is for you that have made it in life to drop your “Pride and Ego” for you never achieved such all alone.

I repeat one more time, show me that one person that has succeeded all alone in this world and I will show you where EXACTLY God has built his House in Africa and living there!

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