“The idea of wives allowing househelps to cook for their husband is wrong” — Actor, Sam Nnabuike

A popular Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has left the internet users in a pool of reactions as he said that wives who allow their house-helps to cook for their family and husband are not getting it right.

Sam Nnabuike made this statement in his Instagram Stories to voice out his own opinion on the popular trend of wives employing househelps to assist them with preparing meals for their kids and husbands.

Acccording to him, it’s not a good way for a woman to bond with her husband and also, he says it can lead to other things … like food poisoning and maids getting the husband’s love.

Sam Nnabuike also recounted his personal experience while growing up as a young boy, stating that his mum also made sure she hand-cooked her husband’s meal by herself.

This according to him, is despite the presence of househelps who were employed in his home, but are forbidden to cook for his father.

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