“Take my hand let my spirit guide you” – Kiddwaya replies Erica after she downgraded his write-up

The son of the billionaire had at first shown his graceful ability, as he wrote down an astounding piece for his fans which got awards from a ton of individuals in the COMMENT box; like 2baba and Lucy Edet

Erica who didn't consider this to be an extremely decent coinage of words rather taunted his review as she addressed how he figures out how to say a great deal, yet at the same time, wind up saying nothing. Kiddwaya who was not outraged by this offered to pass the soul to her if no one but she could grab hold of his hands.

Kiddwaya composed:

“Chapter 1

There’s an art to listening. It’s the ability to hear more than what’s being said. Standing ontop of this mountain is bliss. I can understand the symphony of silence.
Though I’m not where I want to be yet I still feel like I’m on top of the world. I’m on top of my goals, ontop of my emotions, ontop of mind ontop of my body. But most importantly I’m ontop of my life. And boy does it feel good to take back control. So here’s to us. Here’s to all the men and women out there taking back control. I salute you all. This my friends is OUR story. And We are the Mf authors.

Verse 1.”

Erica reacted:

“How do you manage to say a lot and say nothing at the same time”

Kiddwaya responded:

“Take my hand let my spirit guide you”

See the post and the exchange below:


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