Sanya is fundraising for Domestic Abuse Awareness

Thought I’d share an insight into the early stages of my Domestic Abuse Awareness project. I have some amazing connections on here, please show your support and help me create the change that’s needed for the long term well-being of our society as a whole! We are going to be leaving a mark on this world for our future generations, I sure as hell don’t want to have children if they’re going to suffer in any way that I did.

That’s a very sad thought to me, because I truly want to experience that joy. Please help me create a change for Domestic Abuse victims so that our future generations don’t suffer for it. We can change things, just like we always said our parents, grandparents or any other ancestor could have done something different.
I have been working hard all week and I have had the opportunity to speak to some amazing people that are keen to help my Domestic Abuse Awareness project along the way. It’s been amazing to see the type of support I’ve received and I genuinely am so grateful and humbled.

The point that I must bring the attention to is that this project is not for me and it’s to help so many people that are trapped. I was deeply humbled this evening during a meeting with a survivor and it’s vital that we recognise the problem that’s hidden behind closed doors. It’s not an easy thing for anyone and the stigma that comes along with the problem does not help many victims.

We need to remember that it’s not just a man or woman who is abused in a relationship. There are children who are abused, there are parents who are abused, there are many many many forms of abuse that people aren’t educated about. If someone finds themselves in that situation, more times they won’t even know what resources or who can actually help them. I surely didn’t.

"One voice can inspire others. One voice can start a movement. I hope my voice can inspire you." The purpose of the project is to help create a positive platform for expression and further help organisations that such as Women's Aid, Refuge and Fortalice who are already working with victims. The more this project grows, the more I can do with it. I am currently working on a platform for people to showcase their creativity, talents, and skills. A lot of victims and survivors find something creative helps with healing, whereas others have lost their artistic flare and want to get it back. I want to create a platform where people can do that, I will make sure that it is open to everyone and will hold no prejudice against anyone who wishes to be a part of it. I am currently working on contracting for publishing companies, art galleries, music labels, etc. So, this platform will serve one purpose:

Provide a SAFE creative space where you can learn about who you are and heal, especially after the pandemic has left so many of us lost, and be recognised for your talents.

We believe you are already moved to support our dream project and bring it to reality. So kindly click HERE to donate, Thank you in advance.

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