The Thread! Help Female Trauma Survivors Transform Their Lives

As someone who has relationships with attachment trauma survivors personally and professionally, I find it easy to love them. Reason is that I could easily put myself in their shoes.

female trauma survivors

It’s not always easy to be in relationship with them, however. Their trauma is centered around relationships, death attack, terrorist attack, sexual assault and their reactions can be severe. However, when you discover where they were injured, that the response you’re seeing is not really about you, and that a stable, secure relationship and support is where they find healing, you discover the value of putting in the work of relationship and lifetime assistance. But If one isn’t close to any of them, her story alone could put up on instant brief psychological disorder.

There are a lot of factors I put into considerations when I see or hear of one who had experienced trauma in the past. She had experienced deep distress or disturbing factor that must have overwhelmed her ability to cope.

She must have felt and lived a helpless life. She would always feel the world and nature are against her as no one was there to rescue her.

Her sense of self and her ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences would diminish at that time.

Her body could accommodate all kinds of illness.

She could lose her properties and resources all in search of a better life and solution.
At any point in life during this unhealthy and ugly period she could develop a certain mentality that is geared towards commiting suicide.

Too numerous factors to mention but only a few. However, they are in our societies all across the world. The question, what would become the after lives of these women out there who had suffered this disaster called trauma and survived is the reason for our latest movement which is centered on helping female survivors transform their lives of which majority of them are living in low-income communities.

The Thread: A FREE Christain Based Guided Recovery Toolkit for Female Trauma Survivors.

But we can’t do it alone, that is why we’ve come to plead with you to support this movement as this is the only way smiles and happiness could return back to their lives…


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