45 Year-Old Tunde Thomas Dies After Wife Told Him Her Boss, FCMB Boss, Adam Nuru Owns Their Only Two Kids


Tunde Thomas (also known as Tunde Gentle), 45, kicked the bucket around fourteen days prior from grievousness. The two children from his marriage were found to have been fathered by the current MD of FCMB, Adam Nuru who was his significant other's chief.

Tunde's significant other, Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo), was supposedly occupied with an office sentiment with her MD, a relationship that was notable to all in the bank.

Joyfully wedded Billionaire Nuhu, while he moved diverted in having sex with Moyo, saved no idea for Tunde who was raising the two kids he thought had a place with him.

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Those aware of everything state Tunde was so infatuated with and appended to his better half and youngsters that he burned through the majority of his assets on them. He took them to London and Dubai on vacations. He additionally saved no penny in placing the children in the best schools. 

At the stature of the dishonorable relationship and when the more seasoned kid was around eight (8) years of age, Moyo abruptly left FCMB and made a trip to the US with the two youngsters, apparently on vacation. It was the point at which the school meeting began in Nigeria and the kids were not restored that Tunde began posing inquiries and the woman at last called the improper mental fortitude to reveal to him the kids were not his own.

She at that point went to the degree of petitioning for refuge in the US on the ground of conjugal viciousness in Nigeria, against a man known to all men by his delicate and nice mien. Her point, we learnt, was to get the Green Card and furthermore get Tunde banned from entering the US, so she would not have the option to look at him without flinching and disclose to him the harsh truth.

Not long in the wake of accepting the pitiful news first in 2017, Tunde supposedly endured stroke. He recuperated from the stroke yet said to have become a sorry excuse for his previous self, as he would frequently cry without reason.

As he got over the disease, Tunde was said to have attempted to get the bits of his life. He purportedly began another relationship with a woman legal advisor. Before long, he welcomed a few companions to go with him to visit the woman's folks on 26th December. Notwithstanding, the visit was not to be. Tunde was said to have home from work in the evening of fifteenth December 2020 and fell at his home's flight of stairs. He kicked the bucket immediately.

Examination report puts the reason for his demise as 'cardiovascular breakdown' .

Tunde Gentle, a previous staff of the outdated Oceanic Bank, was covered on Wednesday, 30th of December 2020.

See the Photo of kids below;

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