Lady Cancels Her Marriage After Mother-In-Law Stopped Her From Killing A Python

A lady from the Western part of the African continent, Nigeria has disclosed a very rare tradition she witnessed which is being practiced by the people of her  fiancè as she accompanied him to his village, which eventually made her to cancel their proposed marriage.

The unknown lady narrated the story of how she and her fiancè travelled to his village to see his mother and something very strange happened, that night.

According to her, a snake was making it way into her fiancé’s room that very night and she tried to kill it before it harmed someone, only for her to be stopped immediately by her mother-in-law to be, thereby letting her know that, it was a taboo to kill a snake in the village.

The mother went on, to tell her that, the snake came to welcome them and she used a stick to remove it.

What is Your own thoughts on this? Do you think the lady was wrong or right with her own decision of cancelling the marriage? If you were the one, what would you have done? Kindly comment and share post.

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