Baby Dances Crazily In Mother's Belly when Music Plays(Video)

It isn't the first time, second time or the third that we would be hearing that babies sometimes do move around while they arr still right in the womb, leaving impressions on the mother’s belly. Moments like these can be inspiring and Joy trigger for parents, especially those who are going to be parents for the first time. its often reminds them of the most value gifts the creator has blessed them with.

This couple from Guerrero, Mexico, was already filled with so much ecstatic as they see their baby moving around inside the mother’s belly. The proposed dad immediately record the video just as they see how much was moving. A happy, upbeat song plays from the phone right to the mother’s belly, and the unborn baby’s movements are completely in blend with the rhythm of the music!

The baby seemed to enjoy the music from inside the womb, as it was dancing along, moving up and down to the beat. When the proposed dad captured this beautiful moment on camera, he knew he had to share it with the world.

The video garnered a lot of views and reacctions from people on Facebook.

Click HERE to watch the Video


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