Woman shows up at her own Burial scene after Husband and family thought she was dead.

About Five years ago, Noela Rukundu, a wife to One Mr Balenga and also a mother of eight was having her rest in a hotel room when all of a sudden she got a call from her husband asking her to step outside on the balcony and have some fresh air. Without knowing her husband’s malicious intent, Noela obeyed only to be attacked and captured by a masked intruder outside her room and was led into a car at gunpoint.

Not too long after, Noela was driven to an uncompleted building and tied up by her kidnappers. Upon being questioned by the kidnappers as to what exactly did she do to instigate her husband to pay for her killing, Noela was caught off-guard and became absolutely terrified of what she had just heard.

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But when the kidnappers had seen how quiet she was and never answered any of their questions they dialed the husband’s number and put him on speakerphone. Noela quickly recognized his voice as he said ‘Kill Her’ and was absolutely shell-shocked to see her husband wish so desperately for her demise.

However, the kidnappers, instead of going ahead with the husband’s instructions, held Noela captive for two days, before releasing her unharmed. They told her that they did not kill women and children and let her go without telling her husband. Instead, they extorted more money from her husband lying to him that Noela was dead.

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Later, Noela returned to her home in Australia only to find her funeral underway. As the mourners began leaving the service, Noela decided to confront her husband in front of everyone. Absolutely stunned at what he had just seen, her husband quickly gave in to a desperate apology. However, having been terribly wronged, Noela decided to take action and called the authorities that sentenced him to nine months in prison.

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