"We also Need to Cleanse the Entertainment Section" - Actress Ani Amatosero

  Nigerian nollywood actress "Ani Amatosero" has come out to make it clear for the need to cleanse the entertainment industry amidst the call against the brutality of police officers in the country.
  The actress also highlighted some of her reasons for her statement as she wrote in quote "“If you are a DIRECTOR, and you ask for sex before giving roles, you are worse than SARS.

“If you are a PRODUCER, and you owe your casts and crew and you refuse to pay, you are worse than SARS.

“If you are an ACTOR, and you scheme your way to hijack a role from your fellow actor, some will tell their marketer boyfriends names of people that will not be in the job, then your name is SARS.

“If you are a PM/Director/Producer and you tell people to register under your company( after registering in AGN) and you don’t give them good jobs, you are Daddy/Mummy SARS.

“We need to also cleanse the ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR”.

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