"The Igbo Man and the Yoruba Man are my brothers" - Says a Northerner.

A Nigerian Twitter user best known by his name Nura Mukhtar Malo has claimed that the Igbos and Yorubas are his siblings.

Nura made this statement few days ago following the recent happenings in the country as he felt the EndSARS protest which the Nigerian Youths embarked on suddenly grew wide and now beginning to yield bad fruit which could be termed "Nigeria Separatism".

He also felt tribalism is beginning to find it way in to the nation wide issues that are meant to be tackled collectively.

He equally added that Nigeria has got a common enemy which is meant to be tackled by all her citizens. He finally admonished all Nigerians to also write what he had written on their own pages.

He tweeted,
The hausa man is my brother.The hausa woman is my sister. The igbo man is my brother. The igbo woman is my sister. The yoruba man is my brother. The yoruba woman is my sister. We have a common enemy: It is the people dividing us. Write this on your page too. We stand together.

Below is his tweet;

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