The Government is the Problem Not Banky"- Adesua Etomi Defends Her Husband


  Popular Nigerian actress "Adesua Etomi" has come out to defend her husband, after a Twitter user allegedly said that Banky W is trying to divide the youths through his celebrity friends.
   The Twitter user however mentioned that Banky W has been sent to divide the youths, and he is trying to use his celebrity friends and followers to achieve his aim.

  And reacting to this statement, the wife of Banky W however jumped into the conversation to defend her husband as she said in quote "What you are doing is so wrong. The person you are talking about ran AGAINST the powers that be. To the detriment of his own income, his family and spoke out against these issues. Has always spoken out against these issues. What he posted, the youth that you see asked him to help

He contested under a party that wasn’t known. Used his own income. Gave up endorsements to run. There are people that are good that will try to run for office and they should do it without being afraid that they will be targeted because they tried to run to make the system better\

  We are here to fight for Nigeria and EVERYONE that wants the good of this nation should be allowed to fight for it. Trying to divide people and use someone as a scapegoat because you don’t like a suggestion is WRONG. The government is the problem, not Banky.

He hasn’t been sent to divide. He isn’t working with any government and I will and cannot wait back and allow his name to be dragged in the mud. He has marched, given food out in protests, cleaned the streets and done it anonymously for the most part.

Please do not do this. We have a common enemy. We have a common goal and it is to #EndSARS
We all should really know better. God bless.

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