Opinion: Here are Some Evidence that Indicates That Regina Daniel is Only Attracted to Her Husband's Wealth

   So many people are attracted to Regina Daniel, either because of her beauty or because of her career and interesting lifestyle, as most people usually refer to her as their role model. And I often hear people say that she is indeed very lucky to be with a man who truly loves her, but is that really true?.
  Over the years, I have carefully taken my time to monitor Regina Daniel's marriage life, and I found out that she is only attracted to Ned Nwoke's wealth and power, instead of her affection for him.

  Most people might start to rain insults on me, but before you start talking about me, I would like to you to ask yourself this question, on how a young girl will be able to marry a man who is old enough to be her grandfather if she doesn't have a mission or goal?. In my own opinion, I would say that Regina Daniel's marriage to Ned Nwoke is a marriage born out of the love of money and greed, and below are some of the evidences which proves that she is only attracted to her husband's wealth.

1. The Kind of cars moves around with
  Being married to a billionaire husband might be one of the biggest achievements of Regina Daniel, because she now moves out with luxurious cars like the ferrari and G-wagon, which she bought through the help of her husband. And if you watch carefully, you will notice that she was not able to afford expensive cars like the ferrari and G-wagon car during her acting career life, due to lack of funds and resources.
  But after getting married to her husband, she started going out with luxurious cars, and jewelries. And this proves that she is only attracted to Ned Nwoke's wealth, and if Prince Ned Nwoko should go bankrupt today, she won't hesitate to leave him or divorce him.

2. The Kind of Birthday Gift she got from her husband
  Most people might be very angry with what I am about to say, but I believe when I say that I am speaking the truth based on my own opinion and observations. And it might however come as a shock to most people, if I say that Regina Daniel only loves her husband because of the connections and money she usually gets from him.
  And if you watched her new Instagram video, then you will truly understand what I am trying to say, because in her video she said that her husband got her her a new wristwatch worth twenty four million naira and she also added a caption to the video, saying that she loves her husband.

   And this however proves that she only loves her husband because of his money, and she wouldn't have posted anything about the love she has for her husband if Ned Nwoko hadn't gotten her a gift worth millions of Naira. And like the wise men will always say "the love the crocodile has for a chicken, is to eat the chicken"


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