"You Have no Entitlement to any Money Someone Promises You, Stop Being a Beggar" - Shade Ladipo

The popular Nigerian celebrity "Shade Ladipo" has made a viral post in which she advises people to desist from the act of begging other people for money.

In her own words, she said "if a person promises you a gift, you should not feel entitled to it and start acting like it is yours already.

She however advised her fans to desist and stop being entitled to people's money, because even though they have promised you money, the money will rightfully be theirs, not until they hand it over to you. She advised her fans to quit the act of begging and do something meaningful.

She said in quote "if someone promises you money or gifts or renegades, please understand that it's just a promise, and you have no rights to the money. The money isn't yours. They money belongs to the owner, let's stop being beggars here.
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