Leave your village people alone, They are not the cause of your misfortune - Fr Kelvin Ugwu

The Nigerian Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, who is currently on a missionary work in Malawi has again hit the four walls of the internet with his Mind blowing Message as he adviced his followers on Facebook. 

Father Kelvin Ugwu has advised people to stop blaming the 'village people' for their misfortunes anytime they occur to them. He explained further by revealing that whatever happens to anyone either good or bad is as a result of the decision one takes.
In his message, he used his father's death as a scenario to back his opinion up.

He wrote;
When my Dad died, everyone of my relatives believed that someone was responsible for his death. My Dad was so lovely to die when he died. I can't match his sense of humour and selflessness. I can't! 
Well, I know the medical history of my late Dad very well, so I know better. Again, because he died at National Hospital Abuja, the requirement was that autopsy must be done.
I respect my Dad so much that I don't think I want to discuss those details online. 
But the point is, those thinking someone killed him are all wrong. There are some choices my Dad made that if he had not made them, he would have still be alive today.
Again, man makes choices based on many reasons. People don't just do things, this is why before you question someone's choice, stand on his or her shoes first.

Some of the choices my Dad made were simply to see that we his children graduate from school and live better.
That took a toll on him. I guess he was not aware or maybe he was. But it was his choice, and he had to bear the consequences of it, good or bad.
The choices you are making today will affect you. Don't say it will not. It will. Read it again! 
The effect may be immediate or after a long while when you might have forgotten. The effect might be good or bad. But just know that it will affect you. Full stop!

This is not me preaching. You must accept this reality. If you injure yourself, the wound might heal but the scars will be there. Worst still, there are some injuries that will give you lasting deformity. Think!
Nature will always take its course. You don't need to like it. It is what it is. That is why the Bible will say, whatever a man sows, he shall reap.
What you are doing right now will affect you, who you are hanging around with right now, will affect you. The decision you are about to make right now, will affect you. Don't say it will not. Think about it and make good choices or decisions. You can't eat your cake and have it.
Leave your village people alone. They are not the cause of your bad choices.

Father Kelvin has air his own thoughts for you to read, now what is your own thoughts on this? Do you think the 'Village People' got a hand in everyone's misfortune?

Source: Facebook

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