Photos: American Woman Celebrates Her First Wedding Anniversary With A Tree

Kate Cunningham is a proud mother of four two children, but she however went viral few weeks back, after celebrating her wedding anniversary with a tree, of which she said she loved so much.

The 38 year old woman left her former boyfriend last year, and eventually ended up getting married to a tree as her new husband.

And according to the mirror UK, it was said that Kate changed her surname to "Elder", when she tied a knot to the tree, she also added that she is more loved up than ever, and has no plans for divorce.

She also admitted, that getting married to a tree was one of the best decisions of her life, she normally visits the tree five times a week.
She however celebrated her anniversary with her two friends and some elderflower champers, while leaving her boyfriend and two kids in the house. She also added that her 15 year old son was a bit embarrassed by her actions, but she however seems happy with her marriage.

See Pictures below 

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