People React as a Catholic Priest baptizes a Malawian baby with a Nigerian Name, IFEOMA.

A Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, who is currently on a missionary work in Malawi has shocked the whole world as he unexpectedly broke a record.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu baptized an African Child with an African name which is not a Saint name.

The said records that was broken was that no Catholic priest should Baptize a child with a name that is not a saint name which is according to the church doctrine.
The doctrine reads, "A name foreign to Christian Sensibility must not be used as baptismal name."

The said baptised child is a Malawian while the baptismal name used is IFEOMA, a Nigerian Igbo name which means "Beautiful thing or Good thing"

According to the Priest, the parent who are Malawians told him that they had shown so much interest in the name ever since he told them about his younger sister whose name is also Ifeoma and they love it.

In FR Kelvin Ugwu's words;
Today I baptised some infants in one of my outstations. And when this particular child was brought, the parents who are Malawians told me that they have chosen the name Ifeoma for their child. (Ifeoma is an Igbo Nigeria name meaning "something good or Beautiful").
They told me that they love the name. They have heard me talk about my younger sister who is Ifeoma. They decided to name their daughter after her.
Indeed it was something Beautiful to see. Today is one of those days as a missionary in which I feel so humbled. So, I baptised the baby with the name IFEOMA praying that everything Beautiful, everything good will continue to follow the baby. Amen!
But then people had reacted to the decision the priest took as they felt it is against the rule of the Church.

In one of the internet Users words;
Nice one but can someone do baptism with Igbo in Malawi?? But in Nigeria we are told to choose Saint Name... Please I did not understand can you explain more on that Fada # Fr_Kelvin_Ugwu .

Another says;
You should be doing dedication not baptism. Your doctrine is upside down. Correct it now.

Another also comments;
But in Nigeria, some priests insist of giving Children names of Saints.
Where did those priests get such theology from?
There are many other numerous stunning reactions but Fr Kelvin Ugwu in his wide wisdom responded to all with a stunning answer where he made a post that says, How is my Native name foreign to Christian Sensibility, that I can't use it during baptism - Rev. Fr Kelvin Ugwu.

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