It's Only My Hard Work that Got me to the Place I am Today And Not My Dad's Connections- Dj Cuppy(video)

  Nigerian Disco Jimmy "Dj Cuppy" has taken to her Twitter handle to address the popular issues that is trending round the internet. Whereby most people are of the opinion that Dj Cuppy is only famous because of her rich father "Femi Otedola".
   She however came to Twitter to properly address the issue, and according to her "If a person has connections, but doesn't work hard, he or she won't go far".

She also said in quote "No matter how many doors are open for you, only skills and delivery can keep you in those doors. I have a lot of connections, but if I didn't work hard, then I won't be able to bring those connections to fruition.

"After all, my dad can not do DJ for me"

You can take a look at the picture of her tweet, and you can click the link below to see full post

Tap below to watch the video as she tweets on twitter;

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