"I am so happy that Laycon Won the prize, But only time will tell if we ever be friends again" - Erica

  After Laycon was announced as the winner of big brother Naija season five, many reactions started trailing across all social media platforms, especially Twitter. As most people shared their joy and happiness over Laycon's success.
  But many Nigerians became shocked over Erica's new change of character towards Laycon.

  As she went to her Instagram account to congratulate the star contestant. And today she was called to an interview, where she shared her joy over Laycon's success.
  And the interview was held with the presence of a prominent media personality in the person of "Toke Makinwa". 

 And during the interview Toke Makinwa however asked Erica how she felt when Laycon was declared the winner of the big brother Naija show, and Erica replied in return "I am very happy for Laycon because he wanted this, and I wish him the best". 
  And after her reply, Toke Makinwa further asked Erica if she could still be friends with Laycon again, and Erica replied in quote "I just move to people according to their energy, so time will tell" 

See link to watch the full video below 

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