"Don't despise your father because another father bought Ferrari for his kids - Fr Kelvin Ugwu

The Nigerian Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu who is currently on a Missionary work in Malawi has taken to his Facebook page a stunning advice to his followers that left many of them wonders.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu has adviced that people shouldn't despise their father because they had seen another man who did what their fathers can't do or hasn't done for them.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu made this post he had stumbled the latest trend of a Nigerian Billionaire father who gifted his daughters a Ferrari cars each and had seen how people reacted to it.

I believe you would be glad to read his words as he wrote below;
Otedola's Ferraris In Public Display
Why is it trending that Otedola bought Ferrari cars for his daughters? What is actually the big deal in it?
Well, it is a big deal. And the big deal in it is simply because it is not something 90% of us can easily afford. It is not something we see everyday. So, it is simply trending because we are looking at it from the perspective of poverty versus riches.
This is why people have been making comments, I read one that says:
"Otedola just bought his three daughters Ferrari cars each like he is purchasing clothes in the market. Tell me money is the root of evil again and I will block you."

In the real sense of it, if more people can afford it, it won't make headline. Even the girls won't post it online, and even if they do, it won't catch much attention.

We see this situation always:
When phones newly came out, those that had phones in our secondary school days were looked at as though they were super humans with super rich dads until when everyone started having phones, then the attention shifted to the type of phone you are having.

Those that had Black Berry phones were seen as Kings and Queens intimating everyone with their "pin codes" and "pinging" until when China decided to level everyone up with Android phones.
Those that had Super Eagle Jerseys during the world cup when it was very expensive and scarce were making a big deal to snap and post online until when Aba people came to the rescue and even beggars started wearing the "almighty" jersey to beg on the street, everybody kukuma calmed down.
To those Americans who use Ferrari for car race, they will look at Otedola Ferrari gifts and be wondering if his children are going for car race.
And here is the point, where are the girls going to drive the cars to? From their house to somewhere close to the house for shopping. Then back to the house. Then to a saloon at the next street, and then to a party in their neighborhood.
Will they drive it from Lagos to Abuja? I doubt! Where is even the road? When you use a speed car like Ferrari for house to house waka, are you using it because of its utility or for show?
This is why 97% of those I know carrying the latest iPhones don't even know half of what their phones are capable of doing. What someone with outdated Tecno phone will do, they can't do with all the latest apps in their phones. At the end, it gives the impression that their phones are more for show than for its utility.
There is this thing in all of us that yearns to make us desire to have an edge over the other and to show we are at a higher class. If not, if I have an averagely comfortable car or a cab that can take me to where your Ferrari will take you to, I do not see why I will feel out of class. It is not what you have materially that should define your class?

Dear friends, if a father who has One thousand dollars decided to gift his daughter with one hundred dollars, it is the same thing to me with a father who has 1Millon dollars and decided to gift his daughter with one hundred thousand dollars. The purchasing value of both monies ($100 and $100,000) may not be the same, but the givers both gave 10% of what they have, which simply means they gave the same.

Don't despise your father because you came online and saw another father who bought Ferrari for his kids. If Ferrari or an expensive gadgets are what makes us happy, most of us won't have known what laughter truly is.
If you get there and can afford a Ferrari, fine. If you can't, enjoy what you have. Everyone is searching for happiness including the Ferrari owners and if what you are doing is genuine, you have no reason to feel less happy.

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