Dating broke guys is a waste of time - lady tells media, People reacts

One of the Facebook users, Chikaodili Augustina has drew the attention of many people has she hits the four walls of social media with a stunning post which seems to be her own thoughts.

Chikaodili Augustina asmonished her fellow ladies to stop dating broke guy and find a man who is well to do. In the same post, she explained why dating is not an ideal decision to take as a lady which she pointed out that it is a waste of time.

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Chikaodili must have made this statement based on her experience and also on the thoughts of a lady trying to wait for a guy whom she is dating to Hustle up and make both ends meet.
See screenshot of her post below;

Upon making such statement, she received attacks and supports from people as they reacted to the post.
See photos below;

In the current world today, most ladies are scare of starting life with guys who are broke unlike the women of 19th century and below. With this, can we say love is no longer there or its a norm? Kindly drop your comments below, thanks.

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