There is Nothing like #SPIRITUAL HUSBANDS, stop believing in prophecies relating to that - Fr Kelvin

The Nigerian Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr Kelvin Ugwu who is currently on a missionary work in Malawi has taken to his page on social media, a heart-filled message about youths depending and believing so much in prophecy regarding Spiritual Husbands, wife and Children.

He received so much praises and Reactions from his followers as he Thank him for being an eye-opener to them.

Father Kelvin Ugwu wrote; 

Today I have been asking myself why is it that most of the visions and prophecies given to the youths of today are always about finding a spouse or getting married?

There is something wrong when all that a minister sees at the sight of any unmarried man or woman is the need to "prophecy" that they will get married soon.

This is honestly becoming embarrassing and a mockery to faith.

The institution of Marriage is beautiful, but not everyone will get married. We must not shy away from this fact. Some may remain single due to their own choice, some may not find whom to marry, some may choose to remain single after losing their spouse or lover. This doesn't make them a failure. In fact, I am only repeating Matthew 19:12. I am not saying anything new.

In many occasions, I have had to counsel some people who came to me for advice/deliverance because according to them, the reason they are not married is because there is a spiritual force covering the eyes of their supposed spouse from seeing them. Others said they were told that they have "spiritual" husbands and even "spiritual" children and as such, that is the reason their supposed "physical" husbands cannot approach them.

Dear friends, in all my years of service as a priest, there is nothing so stupid to believe as a baptised Christian having spiritual husband. If you have been held under this belief, get yourself freed from it now!

And I tell you this, If I am to marry and I got to understand that the girl I want to marry believes that she has a spiritual husband despite the fact that she still professes Christ, I will most likely end the relationship that moment. You know why? I can't stay with someone who thinks she is not only married to one spirit in her dreams but also has children for him.

It is utterly disgusting!

Friends, though we may have 7.8 billion people in the world, half are people of your other sex. So your chances of marrying someone of the complementary sex is 50% of the world population.

Out of that 50%, half are married already or are old or don't want to marry or are priests and Rev sisters. So, by this, your chances will reduce to 25%.

Out of this 25%, you are more likely to marry someone from your own continent. And in your Continent, you are more likely to marry someone from your country. And in your country, you are more likely to marry someone from your ethnic group.

When you put all these together, your chances may come down to just 1% of the world population, which is still a lot.

But here is the point.

There are other factors: Christians will want to marry Christians. Denomination comes in too. Rich want to marry rich. People have specs. There are those you like that don't like you. There are those that like you that you didn't even look at.

There are more "privileged men" in the society whom even in their old age can still see young girls who will queue to be their tenth wife. Yet, there are men who can't find just one woman to marry despite being single.

There are women who have lost count of suitors. Men keep coming everyday for them. Yet there are girls adjusting their bras everyday for someone to tell them ordinary "hello", but saw none.

Someone may like you because you are prayerful or Beautiful or young, another is turned off because of that. Some don't want any Beautiful person. Some girls are attracted to elderly men. Unfortunately, those elderly men may not even want them or are married.

As much as many will want to subject finding a spouse as something spiritual, it is important we do not forget that it begins with social relationships and attractions. That is why your younger sister who is more sociable, clean, and with the right curves, may get more suitors than yourself. It has nothing to do with what your minister told you about spiritual husband.

In finding a spouse, a lot is left to chance. And I will advise that to increase your chance, be consistent in WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT. With consistency and sincerity to yourself, you may find that person who is also searching for your type of person and both of you may connect very well.

Don't come here and be shouting I am sapiosexual, then the moment you find your Laycon, you immediately remember that you like men with broad shoulders and deep voice. Don't be confusing yourself!

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