A half-tonned 50-years-old Crocodile killed by villagers and taken to burial site

The 500kg crocodile named Demon has been transported to a burial site in Indonesia after it was hunted by villagers.

According to Sun, the 4.5-metre-long reptile was attacked and killed by villagers in Bangka Belitung Islands because they felt it was an evil spirit and can be destructive.

From further research on the Demon, we gather that it estimated to have lived for 50 years, and was hunted by terrified locals who carried it to a burial site on a bulldozer.

The crocodile's head and body were buried separately because the villagers believe that this will prevent the animal from haunting them.

Before the crocodile was buried, authorities arrived at the scene and found that it had no teeth.

The head of the local conversation centre, Septian Garo, said officials negotiated with the villagers to let them handle the 500kg body but superstitious locals insisted they keep the animal for religious reasons.

He said: 
There was a belief that the crocodile should not be removed from the village because it is a demon."

Source LegitNG 

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