100 Most Hillarious Benefit Boys Jokes of the Year, the 40th will throw you off the ground

The Benefits boys as they are popularly known as are group of young students of high school who shook the social media as they flaunt all that they have achieved during the Lockdown. 
As they trend on media Every minute, people had used that as an avenue to crack their ribs by forming numerous jokes about them. So for us to keep making you happy, we have decided to gather 100 top and most hilarious of them all of which almost all are written in 'African Origin English'. Enjoy yourself as you read on.

1. Vice principal dun go ask benefit boys for update.

2. Benefit boys slap principal 4 right principal con turn left make she receive another slap 4rom benefit boys.

3. Benefit boys match teacher shoe.., teacher pull cloth use am clean benefit boy leg.

4. Benefit boy bring TV come class say he no wan miss BBN show.

5. Benefit boy talk say he wan pay the graduation fee for every graduating student.

He say make them give him the list of their names, na so we see principal name for there..

6. Benefit boys put AC for their class, principal and teachers come dey drag period to teach ss3 students because of AC.

7. Benefit boys dey smoke for school teacher catch them e want call police, principal say be calming down this is high school.

8. Benefit boys come school late, principal don go punish time keeper for ringing the bell earlier before them come.

9. Benefit boy come late, principal say mek he kneel down
Benefit boy tell principal say mek him kneel down for 200k
Since morning principal dey do frog jump.

10. Benefit boys tell Uncle to calm down and rest a little say boys haf arrived.

11. Principal call benefits boys make e come do praise and worship for assembly he say make dem call chioma Jesus and mercy chinwo say he go pay.

12. Benefit boys tell principal say make e throw away drum say them go call dj every morning for assembly.

13. Benefit boys called naira Marley to lead in the morning devotion....crk teacher ended up shouting....'oppor oppor....2 fingers in the air'.....eh shock everybody!

14. And those guy sort out English teacher
Say make him dey add "Opor" for every sentence.

15. Principal Told benefit boy to kneel down, benefit boy say he go pay English teacher 30k to kneel down for am , Na so principal kneel down.

16. Benefits boys come school principal say make they cut grass boys ask the principal to call aboki they go pay am.

17. Benefit boys tell principal say make them no day use school drums again say Dem go call DJ cuppy.

18. Benefit boys were asked to list the 20 elements,
They said magnesium, compounds, Lyttleton, Bitcoin.

19. Benefit boys organised twerk competition among female teachers
CRS teacher win am.

20. Principal gv benefit boiz grass to cut, benefit boiz call on his teachers and say him go sponsor the masters of anyone dat can help him cut it. Now, principal himself dey find cutlass.

21. Benefit boys ask maths teacher make e no use naira as example again,mk e use dollars.

22. Benefits boys colonize French teacher dey use am talk with client.

23. Benefit boys enter staff room, principal dey shout opor! opor!

24. Teachers say make students match for assembly, benefit boys give principal 300k make he employ soldiers make them come match.

25. Benefit boys host a twerk competition in school the winner was their CRS teacher

26. SS 3 girls no won dark d board. Na so Benefit boy talk say him go give d person wey dark board 100k
As I dey talk right now, Principal dey backyard dey grind charcoal

27. Principal dey do morning Assembly, Come dey preach say Education is the key... Benefit boys look am.. principal come say; Except Una !!!! Aside Benefit boys, Education is the Key

28. Math teacher won beat benefit boys because of him no fit find x for test, Na so dem ask am sha him no go like use iPhone x.

29. Benefit Boys dey give computer teacher tutorials on how to make money online.

30. Omo # benefitboys don go buy Samsung Tv put for class, he say he no wan Dey miss Big Brother....

31. Benefit boys shout marlians come forward
The rest fuck of principal rush remove belt

32. Benefit boy don smash teacher Android phone for ground talk say the phone the remind him of his poor beginning

33. Benefit boys order 4-seater cushion come class, say dem no fit sit down for wood chair.
Opor oh.

34. Principal about to go home
Crk teacher say she wan carry ss3 students go church head quarter for excursion, benefits boys say make them go Dubai bills on him..
Principal say him go follow
Crk teacher put bikini for her bag.

35. Them wan snap WAEC passport, benefit boy say make them use him iPhone say their camera no clear.

36. Benefit boys vex dash principal 50k say make Dem adjust closing time to 12 o'clock say na that time him client dey come online

37. Maths teacher Android phone ring for class Benefit boys break the phone say the phone dey remind them of their poor beginnings

38. Home economics female teacher don cook Indomie and sardine bring for benefit boys ..principal support her with cold 5 alive

39. Benefit boys use principal sandal do goalpost
Oga principal come dey para...them later buy am Nike airforce
40. Benefit boys Don buy school play ground to build hotel ..na principal be the contractor and teachers Don dey offload blocks and cement

41. Benefit boys go buy bread and akara, he say he wan pay with bitcoin

42. Maths Uncle give equation say make class find the value of X
Benefit boy ask am if he want IPhone X
#Hustle o
#Owo ni koko

43. Benefit boys dey smoke weed inside class
Principal say make them leave am say na high school

44. Benefit boy come late to school, principal ask why are you LATE benefit boy say we go talk LATTER

45. This is absolute nonsense. To every kid out there school is important, don't
be pressured, work hard and earn money from genuine source. I believe in everyone that stand strong.

46. Benefits boys say dem no fit do matching for sent forth, dem come go give principal 500k make he go bring soldiers make dem do parade for sent forth

47. Benefit boy smash teacher Android phone for ground talk say the phone dey remind am of e poor beginnings

48. Benefits boys say na teachers go de beat drum for assembly every morning with a daily pay of 50k, as I'm typing this now... Principal still dey school now dey beat drum against tomorrow and he don warn d teachers make no near the drum again.

49. Benefit boy dey smoke weed inside class
Principal say make them leave am say na high school

50. Benefit boy dey smoke weed inside class
Principal say make them leave am say na High School

I know you are expecting to see the rest 50 jokes, right? Well we can still make it up together, simply drop your own Benefit boys Joke, thanks.
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