"You don't need to have fertility issues before you adopt a baby" - Fr Kelvin Ugwu

The Catholic priest known as Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has taken to his social media handle an important message that left many of his followers to wonders. He wrote deeply about Adoption of babies and equally emphasized on the idea of people taking the decision of adopting a baby only when they realized they have got fertility issues. He said as quoted below;

"From my heart I say this, there is 
nothing wrong with adopting a baby and you don't need to have fertility issues before you do so.
If your plan is to give birth to three kids, it won't be a bad idea giving birth to two and adopting the third one. By so doing, you have not only given birth to a new life, you have put meaning to a life almost going dim.
There are many of you who have been married for six to seven years without a child. Please don't see this as being insensitive to what you have been going through. I know you have been praying and believing in God for a child. Sincerely, if actually you have the means, adopting a baby is not a sign that you don't have faith in God.
Imagine for seven years of your marriage if you had adopted a baby five years ago, how much beauty this baby would have been?
I know there is always that feeling of, "the child will not be my blood." No one is going to deny that fact, but always remember, that the person is not your blood does not mean your blood is the best blood.
The person you are married to is not your "blood", but you can't seem to do without him or her. Why?
We have also seen how some people buy puppies or dogs and train them in such a way that they become so attached to them, and even the dogs seem to understand them. I have seen someone who cried for weeks when she lost her pet dog.
What is the point I am making? Everything is all about our mindsets. Some of the wrong teachings we grew up with need to be changed.
They told us that adopting a baby is a sign that you don't believe that God will give you your own.
They lied!
Besides, what do they mean when they use those words "your own?" What is actually yours in the real sense of the word?
You have tried IVF for three times now, you have done a lot of flushing of the tubes and taken so many medications some of which have affected you and you know it. Plus you have spent millions of naira all to prove to your village people that you are not "barren", or that you are a man that can impregnate a woman.
The truth is, you are not happy because you are allowing what they are saying to get to you. Nothing stops you from adopting a baby. Nothing! Don't give people so much power as to determine your happiness.
My dear, every child belongs to God and to the world. The same way you are looking for a child, that is how a particular child somewhere is looking for who will be his or her parent. Think about this!
If you can sincerely afford adoption, give it a try and love the baby as your baby.
Jesus was not Joseph's biological son, that did not stop him from playing his role as the father."

What is your own thoughts on this?

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