Working for your own money as a woman liberates you from a man's insults - woman Advices.

One of the Facebook users, Zobba Zanne Zeuss and popularly known as 'Mama Somto' has taken to the media a sharp and mind blowing advice to women.

Zobba Zanne Zeuss adviced that women should engage themselves in to work that that fetch them their own money, rather than depending wholly on their husbands which would liberate them from men's insults.

Her statements went thus;

"Working for your own money as a woman liberates you from a man's insults.
When he is frustrated it will be so easy for him to blame you, shame you and call you names, because you are bringing nothing to the table.He is likely to always threaten you with sending you back to your father's house if your father is also poor, because he sees you as nothing without him.So sweet to be an independent woman!

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Earning your own money, shopping for the things you want or need, taking your kids out and having fun without being scared your husband will shout or complain that you are wasting his money because you don't know how hard it is to make money.Or when times gets rough in the family, at least you are there to be a pillar of strength financially and otherwise.Begging your husband for money for almost everything? Wow! You will just kill that man easily with stress that comes from financial burdens and when he dies, you will learn the hard way how to fend for yourself.Go out there queen and get yourself something doing."

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