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One of the Facebook users, Known as Maiyegun General has taken to his page regarding the death on the female Combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile who died few days ago. He claimed her death wasn't an ordinary one that she was killed. Below is his post;

"They killed her!
The story of an old friend reversing a car to greet her is a made up story.
They called her on the phone to report to the Air Force Base that afternoon they killed her, only to call her father few hours later that she's dead and in the mortuary. The story given is that her old friend who hadn't seen her for years suddenly saw her in the Air Force base and reversed the car to greet her. Then crushed her with the car.
What kind of car in reverse speed will kill an adult. Tolulope was not disabled or impaired. She's not immobile and not dumb or blind not to run for a reversing car inside Air Force Base. At what speed will a car in reverse kill someone?
They killed her and it must be investigated. Those terrorists they are forcing us to share a country with killed her.
Who is that friend that used a reversing car to crush her to death?
Her family is now asking for investigation into her death, the Nigeria Air Force want to hurriedly bury her to hide the truth
They killed Tolulope Arotile
That is the truth, until they allow independent investigator to reveal the truth. It has nothing to do with God.
They killed her
Our love and prayers goes to her family and loved ones."  

The matter is currently being investigated by the police after which we would reach us all the latest update on it.

Source: Facebook

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