If you are accused of rape by a woman, accept the charges even if you’re innocent – Activist tells men

Not too long ago, A popular Canadian activist, Emily Swaven has opined her View on the issue of sexual allegations as she advises men on what to do when they’re accused of rape.

According to Swaven, men who have been accused of rape should learn to keep quiet and accept the charges irrespective of their innocence or guilt. In a bid to defend her stance, she highlighted the idea that women have been oppressed for years, hence men should be willing to balance the scales by doing prison time for rape charges. Giving the advice via her Twitter account, Swaven wrote; 

Men, if a woman accuses you of rape, even if you didn’t do it, you shut up, and accept the charges, women have been systematically oppressed for years and you giving up some years of your freedom doesn’t compare to the oppression they’ve been through.

See her tweet below:


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