"I was sacked and asked to interview who will take my position"- A lady tells her story

One of the Facebook users known as Faith Atigbi has taken to the media a Touching story that left many of her followers to wonders. This story was all about how she was sacked from a company and was still told to interview who would take her position. She narrated as quoted below;

"It's a long long post but I will try to make it brief.
I woke up to rain and it took me down memory lane.
I remembered vividly last year rainy season how I will carry my toddler on my back with pregnancy and go to work even under rain. I do drop my Toddler at the crèche and go for my own job.
I worked in a chemical laboratory, getting exposed to stuffs that could pose health effects on my unborn baby,a laboratory that had no Fan talk more of AC
I will have to write LETTER and pass from one head of department to the other before I can go for antenatal check ups,I was threatened deduction of salary if I dare take a day off.
I had threatened miscarriage and was advised by the doctor to get a bed rest but I didn't want to loose my job, the same job that SACKED me and asked me to interview who will take my position
Yes I drafted the interview questions and walked away.
They SACKED me instead of maternity leave!
I wasn't paid my last salary!
They made me helpless
But you know what
I now have my own OFFICE
I now have time to take care of my kids,I have time to run my MLM business, and above all I have time for God.
So today I woke up to rain and instead of entering the rain to someone else work,I took my time to prepare correct moi moi and pap before going to my own OFFICE
Yes we prevailed
We are better than what we use to be.
We have left where they kept us."

To conclude her story, she backed it up with mind blowing advice.

"If situations don't push you to the wall you won't know you can be MORE!
Rise up and become a better version of yourself" She Said.

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