Get a Job before getting a wife - Reno Omokri adviced

The Famous Nigerian 'activist' and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has hit the internet wall once again with a mind blowing message to the men.
In the Post, Reno Omokri adviced men not to get a wife before getting a job or business. In which he reveals that this is why Africa I poor.

He further added that a Poor without source of income would go and marry because time is going and it would all resort to multiplication of poverty.
He equally backed his statement up a portion of the Bible.

"Dear Men,

God gave Adam a job before giving him 
a wife. Learn from God. Don’t get a wife before getting a job or business. That is why Africa is poor. A poor man with no source of income marries because time is going. The end result is multiplication of poverty. Genesis 1:28 says “be fruitful and multiply”. Get fruit (money), BEFORE you multiply! The Church is the Bride of Christ. Christ did not ask the Church to suffer for Him. He suffered for the Church. Don’t expect a girl you want to marry to suffer for or with you. Go and suffer alone. When you have found your Garden of Eden, come back and marry her" he wrote.

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