Don't let your 'Giving to God' be TRANSACTIONAL - Fr Oluoma John Chinenye.

The Nigeria Catholic priest, Fr Oluoma John Chinenye has released a short video that has hit the internet back and forth in numbers. He dropped a message in the viral on 'Giving' and how it should it should be made.

"Giving is important, and when giving to God, do not give because you are in need, but give because there is a need." He said.

He further explained that giving to God when we are in need is like one who has gone to buy a generator in the market and was told that the price for the generator is 100,000 Naira, the buyers makes transaction or bring out the required cash and give to the seller. He then added that the reason why the buy gave the money was Because he needed a reward in return which which is the generator.

"This is how many of us give to God, we give because we are in need and getting a reward in return." He said.
Click HERE to watch the VIDEO.

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