BBNaija 2020; Don't always tag the Big Brother Naija show an IMMORAL SHOW but rather be worried about our faith - Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

The Roman Catholic Priest, known as Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, who is currently on a missionary work in Mali has again hit the walls of social media with a very sensitive and mind blowing message to his followers and others on Facebook.

In the message, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu objected the idea of people tagging Big Brother Naija show an immoral show where he revealed that there are some educative lessons one can derive from the show if one never seen it as mainly immorality show. See his post below to Catch up his own opinion regarding the reality show;

"On Big Brother Naija
Someone asked: "Fr Kelvin, it is unfortunate that some TV stations have adopted immoral shows like "Big Brothers Naija" Is there any moral impacts from such shows to the Young teenagers and society at large?"

I think it will not tell the whole truth if we simply tag the Big Brother show as an immoral show since there are many educating things one can still learn there.

I have always taught that whatever is received is received according to the mode of the receiver. While some may feel the show is immoral, some may learn how to live with people. Some can draw inspirations from the lifestyle of a housemate. Some might learn how to handle challenges, deceits, games. . . Some might get entertained.

Saying everything is immoral in BBN will simply show our bias and lack of objectivity. And worst still, it will show our hypocrisy as Christians.
If we are to be sincere to ourselves, almost all the housemates from the inception of the show, including those that have ever gone for auditions, are either Christians or they have Christian background.
Each of the housemates has family members or parents who are Christians praying everyday for them to win. What it means is that, if the show is immoral, they are indirectly saying that God should help touch the hearts of Nigerians to vote for their child who is in an immoral show, and invariably, immoral too.
At the end, it comes back to us Christians. What are the kind of youths we are building today? What are the things we teach our church members?

We tell our church members that poverty is a curse and that prosperity is the sign of God's blessings. We do not teach them hard work to get their money, we teach them about favour, and that money will come to them even when they do not deserve it. We tag it "unmerited blessings."
So, they join Hushpupi, others parade themselves in NCDC or NDDC and steal money meant for the poor, while others have sex in BBN live TV and get votes from fellow Christians. And when they get the money and fame, they come back to thank God.

If at the end of the BBN show, the winner goes to church to do thanksgiving and pay tithe, are we going to reject the money and remind the person that he or she is coming out of an immoral show?

The big brother show with so many Christians as contestants, show that some of these religiosity and church attendance we see among most of us are just on the surface. There is no depth in our faith.

The saints of the 21st century will not be those wearing Cassocks or Habits and locked in monasteries. The saints of the 21st century will be those wearing sneakers, makeups, suits, jeans etc. . . those who are in their various fields being sincere and decent. Even if the field is corrupt, they do not join the bandwagon.

And so, if there are more Christians in BBN and yet the show is still immoral, we should rather be more worried about our Christian faith and the values our Christians learn in our churches than about the show."

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Source: Facebook

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