The Igbo business Apprenticeship(Nwa-boy) Produces quicker millionaires than Federal Government's white collar jobs. Why Governments should put this into consideration.

The Igbo business Mentoring also know as "Nwa-boy" is an idea, a tradition, and a unique kind of Business apprenticeship where a young boy who is of age leaves his father's house to another man's home for business training. He lives with him for at least five years. He serves the man in his business, and after five years or more(depending on the agreement with the boy and his master), he is settled with huge money or with a shop filled with goods of his choice and he builds himself from there. He then goes to the village and picks other younger boys to train. The chain continues. 

While he is still living with his Master, it the responsibility of the man to take care of his feedings, shelters, and clothing.

This article would explain how it produces fast Billionaires than Federal Government's 'White Collar jobs', and not just quick millionaires producer, and how it equally helps to boost the economy of the country and lessen the unemployment rate in the nation.

How does the Igbo Business Apprenticeship Works?
Peter and Paul are two brothers of one father. He sent Peter to school and then Paul to one of his wealthy business friends, both at the same time. And after five years of studies, Peter bagged a degree and went straight to the job market to hunt for a job, and lucky enough for him he got a job. Paul got settled by his master and he started up his own business. Paul was already a boss and was doing very much well when Peter was still bowing his head for a man to sustain his job.

"What if it was a situation where Peter got a job in an oil company?"
I know this might the question that is running through your mind but I would tell you that the oil or any other companies in Nigeria can't take care of up to 1/5000000th of the Unemployed youths in the country.

"What about the ladies?" Maybe another question you would want to ask. But I would tell you that they are not also Exempted. There are also many feminine businesses that they could also venture into it and serve those who own them.

In both developed and developing societies, entrepreneurship is not only considered a panacea to youth unemployment; it is regarded as a vital strategy of economic growth and national development.

Although the Federal Government's white-collar jobs also birth millionaires it isn't as quick as the Igbo business Mentoring. And as a developing country, it should be put into consideration and adopted as well for more growth.

Why do we need Igbo business Mentoring(Nwa-boy)?

In a developing society like Nigeria, Governments have shown their importance in creating employment opportunities for the youth but have neglected the usefulness of Igbo business mentoring. Also, they have employed different strategies for starting entrepreneurship but it has been observed that they have also ignored the Igbo business mentoring (NWA boy) despite its reputation for raising entrepreneurs among youth in the South-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria.

With the explanation given above, there is a difference between Igbo business mentoring (NWA boy) and other forms of apprenticeship; and the Igbo business mentoring (NWA boy) has resorted to small-scale enterprise, job creation, and national development. It also maintained that it has been contributing to entrepreneurial activities in the zone and across Nigeria. Finally, this Igbo business Mentoring could become a veritable stratagem for addressing the problem of unemployment among youth if the government, at all levels, could lend its support to it. With government support for the scheme, youth in other Geo-Political Zones of the country could engage in it to be self-employed and be free from the scourge of unemployment.

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