Where are the preachers of the "fear of God"?
Where are they gone to?
Have they actually gone on an exile? Do they really preach it but people knowingly or unknowingly ignore the preachers and their sermons and do what pleases them?

I could recall vividly back then at my early age when all that you could hear from your preachers, parents, teachers, uncles and aunties are words that contained all about fear of God, and how death and hot hell could be reward for any wrong doing.

Now these words would move with great momentum, hit the Auricle of your left ear, but due to the structure of the human Auricle, they reflect down to the ear drum, make some fearful beats that could let all veins rise. And when they are risen, they ignore other parts of your ear and locate one, Pierce  it and dissolves into the blood, the bloodstream carries it to your brain then down to your heart  and stick in there. And you know what, your conscience rises and you got the fear of God. This kept on reiterating once the words keep coming as usual and on daily basis.

But today, our approach to Christian faith has changed.

The men of God do no longer preach the fear of God to the people, all they vomit from their big belly is about 'prosperity and progress' even without giving a proper orientations of the duties needed to be carried out to hit the progress. Then the dumb followers goes home, fold hands and legs and after some months, they go back when nothing had happened. Some might even accuse God of being a promise and failed one who does nothing after making promises in the bible. They end  up concluding "no God exists".

Today you hear someone was Raped, not in the market, not on football pitch, bush, in the trailer, but in the church, A temple of God, Oh gosh! The fear of God is not there any longer. And that was a big and unremorseful mockery of Christianity. "There God Can't do anything, afterall they even do the worst of all"

The other one we heard was the case of Gun Men shooting sporadically in the church. Have they no fear of God? No.

Our approach to Christian faith has give people a wrong impression about what Christianity is all about.

When You go out there to preach about Christ, Love and fear of God and all you could hear from one whom you have been preaching to is "why we worship on Sunday instead of  the Sabbath day which is Saturday" and ignoring all you had preached just to instigate a long argument that could make an onlooker to regard Christianity a medium for argument.

Another one would ask "if God says images and statues are right in the Church" ignoring what you had preached.

Some Christians argue on whose pastors is more powerful and more real. Is that the priority?

The leaders of the Church would organize a committee members for an event only to receive an incomplete records and account of the amount donated at the end of the program and when the church members request for the account of the donation, he began to run around, when he is unable to get a proper records that could convince the congregations, they  tag him a business man and a crook and fake man of God. The news is everywhere, bloggers helps in their own unique ways and the impression gotten is that Christianity is a means for business.

A preacher(name withheld) once said "God is not meant to be feared but Loved". But remember you can hurt the heart and feelings of one whom you loved but can't do anything to the one you feared. Only if he can correct his thoughts and make the people know that God is meant to be both Feared and Loved. Then all could be approached rightly.

And many more scenarios  to mention. Now if all these keep happening. The fear of God in human would be levelled down and they would do anything that crosses their hearts.

My question is, Can this ever happened in a  shrine? Oh because  our God is a merciful God and/or there may  be an immediate punishment and repercussions when it is committed in the shrine.

Now get this, Christianity is mocked daily all because of the impressions we dispense daily.
The high time we stopped approaching Christian faiths wrongly through our thoughts, words and actions, The more people tend to inculcate the fear of God in them.

If the preachers got the fear of God, the followers and onlookers would be infected.
If the preachers preaches more on the fear of God, the Followers and onlookers would be infected.
And if the Followers or the 'preachees' heed to those words and act as expected of them, then the onlookers and the ones who never had the opportunity to get the words would get infected as well.

What is your thoughts on this?
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