5 things to do to defend yourself against Dog Attacks. The 3rd One works all the times

Many people both old and young had fallen a victim of Dogs' bites which had sent many to their early graves due to the fact that they are so ignorant of some self defensive skills they could use to save themselves.

Today I would be telling us what to do to defend yourselves anytime, anywhere against Dogs attacks.

When a loose dog storms or rises up to attack you. Don't run, scream, flail limbs, panic, make eye contact, jump up and down instead do these 5 things:

1. If you have anything in your hand such as umbrella or quickly pick up a nearby stick around you, use it to create some level of distance between you and the dog. Continue with that until the dog got some fear in itself and move away from you.

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2. Shoe is another defensive weapon you can think of using at the moment. If you are wearing shoe, engage in a rough kick with the dog or simply throw the shoe at the dog, it will create a distraction.

3. Sand is also one of the very dangerous weapon you could consider in this case as well. It is also a spiritual weapon that many dogs feared. Pick up sand and throw at the dog, most dogs would not resist objects thrown at them. They would also want such sand to enter their eyes for this might get them blind, so they pick once they see you bending low.

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4. If you know the name of the dog call the dog's name as if you are the owner.

5. Call out the owner "come get your dog"

Don't flail your leg or hand that is bear, it may enter into the dog's mouth.

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