Rape is an Endemic that is hitting the country hard during the inception of the Lock down as Well known Rape an Act of having a carnal Knowledge of an individual without consent through force or threat. As cases of Rape increases daily , Our young ones become Unsafe, The African Right took up the burden to ease the increase of rape across the country.
Earlier yesterday, the CEO of be ActRight Africa Initiative; Mrs Mary Jonas Joined the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner of Police whom was Ably represented by CSP Nndunam Fredrick PPRO on a brief interview at Atlantic Fm where she pondered on Gender based violence against girls in our society.
Mary Jonas Outcries the plight of Gender based Violence against our girls in the society, "Overtime we've seen the toll of rape cases in Akwa Ibom state but the blame is been placed on the parent who are afraid to speak up" She added. She urged Parent not to be afraid but break the silence to curb the menace in our Society, She also condemned totally the acts of some Police of collecting dime from a victim who comes to report a case and if such continues; We would loose many through rape.
She Commended the Akwa Ibom state Commissioner of Police IGP, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu on his Swift Response by opening of Communication lines to the Public.
She also thanked the Wife of our Proactive Governor, Her Excellency, Dr. Martha Udom Gabriel Emmanuel for her passion toward ensuring that the right of the Female Child is protected in the state and urged the Parent particularly the Women to educate their Children on Good morals.

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