An African Lady shares a story of how she started life with $20(N8000)

One of the Facebook users, called Felix Janeblack Ace Chinenyenwa took to her social media handle a story of how she started live in Abuja which was also an unknown Land to her. The story went as thus;

"I remembered coming to Abuja 2012 with ifesinachi bus 3,500 without AC on getting to this land of opportunity with balance of N8000  in my account which was approximately $20, in Abuja where I knew no one or no where.

I started hustling dance and music from one garden to another uninvited , slept in gardens many times before ran into a girl who gave me shelter in karmo hahahahaha sounds like nollywood story .

Went back to school 2014 here and graduated 2018, 95% of MCs and DJs took advantage of the situation I guess it was for the best. I tried few thing cos where I come from is a motivational scenario not a quote it stares you in the eyes whenever you wanna give up and boom today I own a fitness brand known as black fitness.. we are not there yet but not where we use to be .. when it’s time way maker will show up! Am a grateful woman."

I hope you read this well and downed it. Always believe in yourself and you would see your going higher above the sky.

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