11 Amazing Facts about USA, the last one will blow your mind.

Do you think you know all about America? Do you think you could stand where you are and say all you know about AMERICA? If YES,  then you’re smarter than the average person.

It very unfortunate that a larger percentage of native-born United States citizens may not produce accurate answers to simple questions on the official U.S. citizenship test.

This very article has clearly produced a few vital and crazy hidden facts about America that most people never heard before.


So get ready to add up to your knowledge with the 10 facts about the U.S.A. that will blow your mind.

What are those facts? They are as follows;

1. United States Don does not have an Official Language.

This is one place in the world, where most people speak English, a large number of people speak Spanish, and if you speak just about any other language, you would definitely get a community of folks who share that same form of language. There are more than 350 languages spoken in the U.S and that is why it is Regarded as a No man's Land.

2. McDonald's Has about One-eight people in the united state as employees.

McDonald's pronounced Second Quarter Earnings and Record Sales Reflecting Revitalization Progress
McDonald’s employee

They may not be the biggest fast-food chain in the world, but they are known to be the most popular of all. Perhaps that’s why everyone from high school kids to working parents and retirees has donned the uniform and flipped burgers. In short McDonald’s hires around 1 million workers every year in the United States. You may also see the Hidden Facts about the Great New Zealand which may leave to Wonders.

3. the United States bought Alaska from Russia at 2 cents per Acre.

Talk about a bargain buy! Alaska which happens to be the largest state in the nation came cheap at just $7.2 million total. In just 50 years following the purchase, America earns back their money more than over 100 multiples. The Russians probably didn’t know about the gold, right?

4. Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight savings time

A man adjusts 20 clocks for daylight saving time
Daylight saving time isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
Many people believe that daylight savings time was employed for farmers, but that’s not true. In fact, most farmers are against it. 

The practice began during WWI in the German Empire. And even upon all the opposition,  Arizona and Hawaii never become part of the countries following it.

5. Cows Population is three times the number of Human in Montana.

It’s a good thing cows don’t want to stage a mutiny against people… because in Montana they’d probably win. The number one industry in this state is agriculture, and animal rearing is a majority. There are approximately 2.8 million cattle in Montana and just about 1 million humans living there.

6. Other countries don't celebrate College sport except for America.

Europeans, Asia cannot understand the popularity of March Madness. America is the only country that celebrates college sports and grows its players to the status of Elites. It is somehow a little strange when you think about it. Technically, college athletes are however students engaged in extracurricular activities.

7. In the U.S, unmarried women got about 40% of all the babies.

In America, you see many Businesswomen With a Baby  Leaving House For Work.
It wasn’t always this way, but for the eighth year in a row, a whopping 40% of all babies were born to mothers who aren't married. That’s in huge contrast to the early nineteenth century when just about 3.8% of babies were born to unmarried parents. It was until 1969 it hits 10%.

8. One-third of Americans are obese.

When you sight three Americans, one of them is obese.

When you engaged in questionnaire activities to reach out to about 100 random people and ask them what caused the obesity epidemic, you would get 100 different answers. Still, the fact remains that one in three Americans qualifies as obese according to BMI charts. Associated illnesses cost the nation $315 billion in healthcare expenses and it keeps deteriorating and attracting more expenses every year.

9.  Children to smoke is Legal in America.

This one just seems like a huge oversight. Despite the incredible health risks and addictive nature of cigarettes, it is legal for children under 18 to light up and smoke a cigarette (except in Nevada). In Nevada, It’s just illegal for them to buy cigarettes.

10. Most Presidents were born in Virginia

Maybe it’s because of the close proximity to the nation’s capital? Whatever the reason, eight United States presidents were born in Virginia, including four of the first five. They were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.

11. You are wealthier than 15% of all American citizens if you have $10Billion with ZERO debt.

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