The rise of Odumeje; should T.B Joshua, O.P.M and Ariaria musicians be worried? - Somadina Wisdom Ndubueze.

Chukwuemeka Ohanemere, popularly known as Odumeje; Indaboski, the liquid metal, the virus himself, the lion himself, amongst other names, is the general overseer of mountain of holy ghost intervention deliverance ministry, a christian religious organisation, with it's headquarters in Onitsha, south-east Nigeria. The overnight sensation, who has risen above the ranks in spiritual entertainment, has won the attention of the social media space in Nigeria and among masses in south-east and south-south region of the country. Odumeje, a man of many talents who has mastered his art in divinity, entertainment, controversy, clairvoyance, music, oratory, spirituality amongst other talents, is a prophet who should be be looked out for, by those whom his sudden emergence to stardom threatens their relevance, people like T.B Joshua, O.P.M (Omega Power Ministry,) and Ariaria gospel music artists. He has attracted the attention of many who enjoys his clips for his finesse in oratory which serves as comic relief, and money-spraying skills.

Odumeje's philanthropic efforts shouldn't be left unsaid too, as he has been a regular helping hand to members of his church, and masses in general, amidst this Covid-19 period.

Notable celebrities have visited his church to get the "power." Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael, was said to have been appointed by the Anambra state government as the S.A to the governor on media after he became a regular member of the church, are you seeing the full manifestation of power? Who no like better thing? Yul Edochie likes better thing, so he rushed to familiarize with Odumeje. Don't be startled when Yul, together with his baritone voice, eventually becomes the president of Nigeria in 2023.

Yahoo boys, retired runs girls who wants to settle down, now flood Oduneje's ministry to get updates and catch big fish, and it is working. Boys are cashing out in owerri and and Porthacourt, men are popping expensive champagnes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, miracle marriages are happening in Dubai, Osinanwata inernational and his men are raking big import and export success in Jakarta, Indonesia, 40 feet containers are flooding Onitsha main market and Alaba international market, all to the glory of Odumeje and his prophecies.

We are Nigerians, things are spiritual here; we need miracle money and a fast marriage to one big man, our neighbours are our spiritual problems, our village people are always tying our destiny with red and white cloth and fowl feathers, the white rat we mistakenly kill at night and show off on internet as "mama Dumebi" from the village might actually be a rare white rat which just fell to extinction, because we have killed the last of it's kind, but no, this is Nigeria, things are not that fancy here, things are spiritual here, and anywhere the miracles and wonders are happening, we'll join the bandwagon. "Anywhere belle face" is our motto, our trademark is "any way na way."

TB Joshua might have found a worthy competitor who has come to take his shine in the religious entertainment scene. Odumeje's theatrics, controversy and melodrama has gradually knocked T.B Joshua off the spiritual showbiz perch.

Recall tha T.B Joshua, under a score ago, went to a mountain to pray and fast for the end of Corona virus; got his pictures taken, publicised on social media, to grasp a minimal hold unto relevance, maybe he could start from there to make a gradual comeback. But the mountain-top stunt which T.B Joshua pulled, had already been pulled weeks before by the liquid metal, the lion himself, the indaboski bahose, the war himself, the dabuskabash, the rebadoo, sepray, the lamande, the abidoshika, the virus himself. Odumeje beat T.B Joshua to the mountain-prayer exhibition, so it is safe to say that T. B Joshua's mountain-top fasting and prayer lacks merit. Odumeje has given us a mountain-top praying and fasting already, and that would suffice, any other one is dead on arrival. Abi is he trying to tell us that the lion himself did not roar loud enough from the mountain top?

Aside T.B, other popular daddy G.Os has gone haywire, and had this iota of uneasy feeling about the overnight rise of Odumeje to spiritual stardom. A few of them, in an attempt to form "chairman" and defame Odumeje, went ahead to make public bad remarks on his style, and as you would trust, "the war himself" squared up to their attacks, he gave them war, he told them that he'll be forced to expose their doings in this Christian business if they don't let the sleeping dog lie, and none has said "feem" ever since.

Ariaria music is a gospel music genre vast among south-eastern and south-southern region of the country. Aba is home to Ariaria music. Other notable cities who do the Ariaria music are: Onitsha, Owerri, Enugu, Porthacourt, Uyo, Asaba and Warri. Upcoming gospel artists in these cities, book music shows and concerts, even weddings, crusades, child dedications and other ceremonies, to thrive from the proceeds/remuneration they get thereafter.

But today, with his big talent in music, Odumeje is taking all the music shows and bookings from these gospel artists who doesn't know how to "kabash," as other means of livelihood.
Odumeje currently has a banging jam filling the airwaves around south-east region of the country.

"O.P.M! Doctor Jesus in action, doctor Jesus in action, God is here."
A certain video has gone viral. It shows a female Omega Power Ministry (O.P.M) member testifying about her husband's erectile dysfunction, but after eating of the 'anointed' coconut from daddy G.O, her husband's machine gun began "konking."
Female social media users have turned the hilarious video into a meme challenge where they mimick and lip-sync with the actual testifier, and believe me, this trend has brought laughter on our faces amidst this Covid-19 panic. You never get tired of seeing those videos nomatter how many versions of it you've come across. Daddy G.O of O.P.M is a very strong spiritual man, whose magnanimity would not remain unnoticed. He gives spiritual assignments to his members, and their testimonies, together with his famous interpretation, takes more time of the service.

Odumeje on the other hand; is a WWE prophet who makes grand entry into the pulpit like the undertaker, smacks the demons out from his members' body, shares updates and free Visa to members.
Now I'll let you decide, who's church would you rather attend? The one where you can watch wrestling live and direct, get updates, fast money, miracle marriage and free Visa? The one the building collapsed some years back and killed hundreds of it's members? Or the one where you go to get a coconut?

Writer : Wisdom Somadina Ndubueze

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