Philippines and the rest aforementioned part of the world's kids are found on the street due to some ugly factors or the other. Some are from poor home and background, some due to the type of parents who own them, some are orphans and many more. But then all this folks go out there to beg for alms.

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They sleep outside, under the bridge, near some gutter and on mostly on bare floors. But then many noble men  and women in the street see them, probably give some alms(if they are touched) and go their ways.
But then, that isn't enough and it isn't gonna change their life's as against and/or for the future.

My point is, if one big man could take at least one child to his home and take good care of him or her, the street would be free of street children and Country becomes a better place and as well be clean. 

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Giving alms would always make them remain on the street. Or better still we do the needful by contacting the Department of social welfare and development(DSWD). 

MANILA, Philippines – With the holidays coming, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) reminded the public to refrain from giving alms to street children and instead report them to the agency’s hotline.

The DSWD office in Metro Manila has set up the hotline number 734-8623 for the public to get in touch with the government when they encounter street children or families. People are also encouraged to tweet to the account @savestreetkids the exact location of the street children they encounter.
On reporting, the DSWD said it will coordinate with the local government unit to address the needs of the street kids. It is also eyeing working with civil society organizations to boost its current programs on saving street children.

“It is important to act immediately for the welfare and safety of the children. Every child on the street is vulnerable to life-threatening risks. We cannot let them think that asking for alms or caroling on the streets is normal,” said DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo. 

Taguiwalo also admonished private individuals or groups to bring charity programs or caroling sessions for the kids instead of giving them alms. 

In 2010, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) estimated that there are about 45,000 to 50,000 street children wandering off the streets around the country.

Non-governmental organization Hope, which is working on children’s welfare, pegged the number of street kids to have reached up to 250,000 nationwide.

All this we could do together to better the nation. This is only applicable to children of Philippines but also children of Africa, Indian, some part of china. We could all better the world.

If this post touches you, please do well to share. Let's save the world from poverty and sickness.


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