Darnella Frazier responded to critics who said she did not do much to save George Floyd

The teenager, who filmed George Floyd's death in the hands of the Minneapolis policemen, has hit out at critics who said she should have done more to help the victim. Floyd died on Monday after a cop knelt on his neck for several minutes during an arrest, ignoring the victim’s pleas that he could not breathe.

The incident, which was filmed by Darnella Frazier and shared on Facebook, went viral, sparking global outrage in the manner in which Floyd was pinned to the ground. The arresting officers were also condemned for paying no regard to the victim’s pleas as well as concerns raised by onlookers, including Frazier.

Did you know that George Floyd's Protest has spread Nationwide?

Despite the widespread condemnation of the incident, a section of people, however, called out the teenager for not finding means to assist Floyd, even going as far as accusing her of posting the video for attention and financial gain.

not do anything because she was “scared.”
She said as quoted below

“I’m doing it for clout?? For attention?? What ?? To get paid ?? Now y’all just sound dumb and ignorant!! I don’t expect anyone who wasn’t placed in my position to understand why and how I feel the way that I do !!” 

“MIND YOU I am a minor ! 17 years old, of course I’m not about to fight off a cop I’m SCARED wtf. I don’t give 2 f*cks about what y’all would’ve did because was y’all there ?? NO. Fighting would’ve got someone else killed or in the same position George (may he Rest In Peace) was in !”

She also said she should rather be lauded for filming the incident and sharing it on Internet

“If it wasn’t for me 4 cops would’ve still had their jobs , causing other problems. My video went worldwide for everyone to see and know !! His family was reached out to!,” she continued. “The police most definitely would’ve swept it under the rug with a cover up story. Instead of bashing me, THANK ME! Because that could’ve been one of your loved ones and you would want to see the truth as well.” she shared again.

Speaking to TMZ, Frazier’s mom said her daughter already suffers from social anxiety and the incident, coupled with the negativities she has received on social media, has left the teenager traumatized.

“I’ve seen him die,” the teenager said in a video after she returned to the scene of the killing. “Everybody’s asking me how do I feel? I don’t know how to feel cause it’s so sad, bro.”

“They killed this man. And I was right there, I was like 5 feet away,” she continued. “It is so traumatizing.” she said.

Watch Video here:How George Floyd died in the hands of Minneapolis policemen

The four officers who were involved in the scene, have been arrested. Protests in the city continued even for the third day after Floyd’s death. Buildings, including the Minneapolis Third Precinct police station were set ablaze.


  1. Who could be so stupid to blame this young woman for not doing more ? If it had not been fir Ms . Frazier , which knows if there would have been any prosecution . Some people are so dumb , they upset with darnella , but not with those involved with mr.floyd death . Who knows all those that are even actually involved in the threats to ms.frazier ?

    1. That is it Mr.
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  2. I totally agree with you. I swear. Some people are so dumb. I think you did a very heroic thing. You stepped up, and posted it, so that all of us could see it. And, if anyone has anything nasty to say, well, they can just go you know where (hell). You are only 17, and you did something, that a lot of people would be to scared to do. You are very intelligent, and you will do very well in life. And, thank you so much, for recording that. Because, you're a hero, and you're a very strong person. I hope, that you are okay.


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  3. Moi j'apprécie beaucoup l'acte poser par cette jeune femme qui est Darnella Frazier elle devrait plutôt être félicité au lieu d'être insulter et harceler car filmer le meurtre de quelqu'un pour être sincère moi a sa place je n'allais pas être capable de faire cette vidéo j'allais tellement être choqué par la scène, soit forte Darnella Frazier je ne te connais pas mais tu viens d'ouvrir les yeux au monde sur les actes racistes contre la race noire la vérité méritait d'être dévoilé au grand jour moi je te félicite pour cette Actes courageux car tu as vécu la scène ou un homme ce fessait tué soit forte et remet tout entre les mains du Seigneur Jésus notre sauveur je déclare que tous ceux et celles qui voudront te faire du mal et qui le font déjà verbalement sur les réseaux soit sévèrement puni par Dieu le père au nom de Jésus Amen...

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