Anunuebe Tree: The Most Powerful Tree Which No Bird Dares To Perch On.

Anunuebe is that very powerful and mysterious extraordinary king of all trees in Igboland.
The mystical tree called Anunuebe is allegedly used to prepare all sort of powerful charms and herbs.

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The Anunu-ebe tree is one on which no bird dares to perch on.
The powerful Anunu-ebe tree grows in the forest, far away from peoples where people reside.
The Anunu-ebe has medicinal values as some powerful healers and strong medicine men usually make use of its leaves, roots or bark for creating powerful potions.
Legend has it that the Anunu-ebe tree grows so big that it spread its leaves very wide so that they cast big shadows around itself.

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Other trees around the Anunu-ebe do not expand or spread their leaves in the same way.
The Anunu-ebe tree turns to be a gigantic object which towers over and above other trees in the area.
People often describe the Anunu-ebe tree as a mystical plant which refuses other plants to grow around it.
It is claimed that nothing dares grow under or within the area the Anunu-ebe spread its leaves spread or cover.
No grass can grow underneath the Anunu-ebe tree and any bird that perches on any part of its branch dies immediately.

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The leaves of the powerful Anunuebe tree never touches the ground. Cobwebs are woven around the top of the tree where all its dead leaves drop.
Whatever that's alive that comes in contact with the root of the Anunuebe tree dies off. That's why you can not find any other plant growing around it.
Powerful herbalists and strong medicine men who make use of the parts of the Anunuebe tree are usually those known for very strong charms and powerful amulets.

It is alleged that when thunder strikes, other trees around can be affected, but not the great Anunuebe tree.
The leaves and roots of the powerful Anunu-ebe tree is said to be a cure for leprosy, syphilis and other deadly diseases.

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They say that how its parts is gotten is by first approaching the powerful tree from a distance, where incantations are said after which a live rooster is thrown at it.

No human being can survive if he approaches the Anunu-ebe tree ordinarily.

Before anyone goes to the Anunuebe tree, he must first consult a good rooted dibia to help check the movement of the spirit of Anunuebe. This is because, there is a specific month in which it is claimed that the spirit goes out, and that is the only time one can go to take leaves, roots and other parts for use.
Surely, It takes only a brave man to get the parts of the Anunu-ebe tree, the king of all trees.

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