A mysterious Banana Tree, yields fruits in the stem

The banana tree plant which was tagged mysterious by the villagers because of its mysterious and rare nature was found in Umu-okpara community, Ogboji, Orumba south local Government Area, Anambra, Nigeria by One Mr Sunday Azubuike. A great farmer known in the community for his zealousness and achievements.

According to Mr Sunday Azubuike, he said as quoted below

"I am my family decided to go for farm and get what we would eat during this Corona Virus period. So as we all got there, we began work immediately and all of a sudden I heard a loud voice from my son, calling us all to come and see, we all ran as fast as possible and on getting there, here was what he showed us. We were all surprised for none in my lineage had ever encountered such in their lifetime"

The pictures of the banana trees were taken as shown below. We are still investigating and trying to know much about the trees from the experience elders in the community to ascertain for the meaning of this rare natural occurrence.


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