Fight in the Lockdown, who wins?

Woke from sleep at around 11am as usual ever since the beginning of the Lockdown in my country and was hungry. I rushed to the nearest market to see if anyone opened so I could get what i would chew. On approaching the market, there was crowd and there seems a noise-engined zone, I walk closely to the scene to see for myself.

"Madam! Before I come back now, I no wan see any of your market again, you no dey hear wetin Government dey talk! Na stubborn you wan display abi, I go Show you" a man roared in anger.

"See, I dey tell you now, make una open your una eye well, I no look like all these market women wey una wey call una self nonsense task force go dey do anyhow, as you see me, I be ikwerre woman, full blood, I go Show you today, try me!" she reciprocated back.

But then, I remained statued and couldn't move any longer as though the whole drama was Beginning to be interesting. 

The man in the scene was physically a tall Gaunty looking man with all arms and legs so lanky. His waist was narrower than his hips. Could all these be as a result of emaciation from over work or suffering? I thought to myself. Even when he tried to walk, he tends to be involved in sensations of spinning and tittering around with respect to the direction of the wind. I was tempted to throw some breeze from my mouth to his direction to see if he would flee off but changed my mind. I am not a wicked person.
But then I asked myself if it the same man with this physique was the one who roared that way or if it was a voice from the sky?

Haven heard the woman talked back at him he became more angered, turned back and began to approach her  direction with a fierce looks on his face. Already the woman had reciprocated facially, which she stood firmly to her ground and waited for the next action from the man so she could retaliate sprucely.

It is today that I would know the answer to that question.

Before I could realise myself, and bring out myself from that thoughtful mind and before everyone around watching could knew it, Garri and rice which were filled to the brim in different big bowls, had been seen in a matrimonial alliance with sand being the uninvited guest. He had thrown off her goods.

She screamed in anger and in no minute, rushed him and landed some resetting blows on him. I could feel the momentum of each punch. He moved back uncontrollably and in the direction of the force from the woman. She ran to him  to attack again, and before he could gain some balance, she had landed more on his chest, this time with greater momentum and Intensity. 

The man who felt that it would be a shame if he surrenders to a woman had to start fighting back as he threw some punches on the Woman again and again. but Then She began to resist his punches but never attacked back again.

Is she tired or scared of the man? I thought to myself.
I wanted the fight to continue. I want to see the end of this,  so I prayed.

Some passerby were already stationed and watching the scene as well. It seems everyone was enjoying it as no one was eager to separate the two.

The man had already heightened his morale to do more as he continued hitting the woman and kicking her. 

But it came to a point where I became so astonished at her sudden change. she no longer resist but stood firm and statued in anger, her fierce look got me jittered when she turned her face to my direction, which I  stylishly moved some steps backward. she turned back Sharply and followed the man. I noticed he was no longer hitting her and was Beginning to moved back, but the woman's anger had reach it climax.

"Madam, I go kill you oo, I go beat you oo, you know say you be woman, I go beat you ooo, make you una tell am!" He muttered as he continued to  move backward while she followed suite.

I could notice he was putting up some strategies to put the fight to a halt when he notice the sudden change in the woman but all to no avail.

So in order not to be tagged a coward before a woman, he had to face whatever comes out of it. The devils in humans' form kept on watching, you all know them. He wouldn't want to disappoint the men standing there. I was already feeling the presence of burial Undertakers.

Then he held his teeth firmly to themselves, jumped against gravity, wanted to land himself and the punches all together on her but before he could do that, he had received a double mega blow on the neck while in the air within some seconds. I could imagine the point pain and how it would suddenly turn uniformly distributed one. I was already feeling his pain all over my body. 

He held and squashed her cloth to her chest forgetting that he was fighting a woman but on touching the softest part of her chest she grabbed him at his narrow waist. They swung at the same time and her punch connected faster and he stumbled back about five feet. But before he could catch his balance, she had landed another mega punch on his neck, this time heavier and harder.

She rushed in again but he went for a double and ended up ducking under and taking her back, gave her a light punch. But she turned sharply and landed some pretty suplex on his Tummy, he bent low, while touching his Tummy, she got him sunk in her hooks, though his left arm was free, and each light punch he gave,  he received triple.

 it was then I realised that the third law of Isaac Newton had failed In his(the man)case. He  never received the same reaction as the action he offered. Just when he was about to feebly get his neck off her arm, the rest of the task force men  and few soldiers storm the show and there came a sudden dispersion. 

To your tent oh Israel!

He panted heavily as he left with his colleagues with a  swollen face and head straight up and never looked side ways,  and never uttered a single word.

I immediately reaches for the akara seller, which was what brought me there, bought some and two loavea bread and left for my house before the soldiers begin with part two with any one  still around there.

Now who was wrong, the man or the woman?

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