Do you think Mermaids exist? Read to know more...

So many people are in one way or the other so skeptical about the existence of Mermaids due to the fact that they never seen or sensed anyone around them. They are mostly the free minded ones, scientists and philosophers. Some others believe they exist due to their personal experiences. It is either they had seen it or Sensed it around them.

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But with this informations below, you should be have able to tell if they exist or not. You could also share your stories in the comment section about your encounter with Mermaids if you had any of them.

Stories Of Mermaids for about 4000 Years back

Stories of mermaids can be traced back 4000 plus years. The mermaid is a legendary aquatic ocean creature that has the upper body of a human being and the lower body of a fish.

The first stories of the Mermaids can be traced back to ancient Assyria where it is said that the Goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame because she accidentally killed her human lover.

Mermaids are most often associated with tragic events like drownings, ship wrecks, hurricanes, and people lost at sea. There are stories of mermaids that helped people and mermaids that attacked people or tried to pull them down to the ocean depths.

Over the years sailors at sea have often mistaken sea life like manatees, sea cows, and oar fish for mermaids. Its interesting to note that the diary writings of Christopher Columbus tell of seeing mermaid creatures that had long blond hair, beautiful full breasts and the tails or lower bodies of fish.

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He also told of seeing male mermaid creatures that carried small three point spears. Columbus and his men told that the creatures they saw were creatures with the upper bodies of humans and the lower bodies of fish. Other explorers over the years have told of seeing similar creatures in the south Atlantic Ocean area and in and around the Caribbean Sea.

Christopher Columbus And His Men Saw Real Live Mermaids

Legend says that a mermaid is an aquatic sea creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. It is recorded in the log books of Christopher Columbus that he and his men witnessed mermaids on their first voyages to the New World and from the description written in the log book there is no way that Columbus or his men were mistaking a sea cow or manatee for a real mermaid.

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Columbus said in his description that the creature he saw had a beautiful upper body like a young maiden with long golden hair that fell down her back and firm young breasts that would make a man cry out with desire. He said she had a long tail like a fish and he told of hearing several of the mermaid creatures talking in an unknown language to one another. He went on to write that he saw at least two male mermaid creatures armed with small three prong spears. I don't know about you but I've never seen a sea cow or a manatee armed with a trident like spear.

I don't think Columbus was looking at manatees or sea cows and mistaking them for real mermaids. I really think he saw real mermaid creatures.

It really makes me wonder if Columbus and his men saw real mermaid creatures. Have they been there all along and people just haven't seen them.

Do Mermaids live on Land?
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Now here are the claims from National Ocean Service(NOS).
National Ocean Service Says There Is No Evidence Of Real Mermaids

Officially NOAA says there is not now nor has there ever been any evidence of a real mermaid but they go on to say that over 80 percent of the world's oceans remain unexplored.

Un officially NOAA says there is the possibility that a mermaid or mermaid creature could exist. Anything they say could be hiding at the bottom of the ocean.

Do you think Mermaids exist?

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