COVID-19: Un-quarantinable Love in the Cloudland - Gibson Hillary

Age: 18+

I started falling so much and helplessly in love with a lady I knew approximately 3yrs ago and had tried many countless number of times to approach her and express my drunken feelings for her but all to no avail sequel the fact that I have been battling with some Mentality of most ladies always returning  a "No response" to guys who asked them out.

Sometimes this a "No response" from  women had caused so many men  severe hurt in the heart thereby leading some to journey of no return as they give it daily thoughts and constant regrets over taking the initial step of asking the lady out.

Our friendship began to solidify since the beginning of this year that even in this lockdown we still See each other. the social distancing policy has always been violated cause of the zenith level the love has attained.

Anytime I sighted her from a far, I was always marveled at how gorgeous and splendiferous the shape and curve of her body is. in fact, She is really sex-appealing that I couldn't resist the captivating force and had to take it to another level as the law of electrostatic force of attraction was already being obeyed.

We could talk on phone, make video calls, chat for hours.

Whenever I wake up in the midnight to seek for what to feed my audience on my blogsite, taking the content from the blog to the Facebook for share, I would stumble on her and the chatting continues.

 This kept on reiterating and even became much in this Lockdown until One  very day I was battling with the Lockdown boredom. I stretched forth my hands to pick up my phone and a call came in, she was the one. I picked.

"Hillary", she called so warmly, and in a calmed voice which rocketed me from this planet to another world.

"Yes love", I  responded softly.
"but what have I done to you, why do you always turn down my invitation offers each time I Invite you over to my house? What have...have I..." She stammered
"Baby, is it not to come to your house! Well it nothing, I am coming now, so please wait while I go in the bathroom, shower  and dress up" I retorted.

Wow! This is lovely, thanks so much. We ended the call and In no hesitation I did the needful.

This was a once in a life time opportunity
that I really had to utilize, I thought to myself.

 I was a bit nervous but was filled to the brim with so much ecstasy.

It was around 2pm, when I called her that I  was already Infront of her door. And a scream I had from inside of her room gave a strong impression that she really wanted me to come around. And funny enough, her lodge seem so scanty.
Nobody would hear her  Voice when the time comes, I thought to myself as I chuckled.

I sprucely reached for her room, saw the chair but ignored it for the bed.

 "Hillary, today is really your day", I thought to myself.

she was dressed in a very seductive and captivating tight body hugged trousers clearly unveiling her onion-shaped hips with  and a matching colorful bra causing a peeping breast from the top edges. She was really endowed in all ramifications.

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"Use this very opportunity and enjoy what your fellow guys out there do enjoy after all nobody will know and life moves on," I said to myself.

"My son! Remember you have a covenant with me, please don't!" a voice struck my ear and down heart with this statement but I ignored it because I was more than happy.

 And that very day, it started raining and the weather was pretty much air-conditioned.

She laid very next to me in the bed after offering some kola, which I rejected because the "kola" on her body was quite better and interesting.

 We began with the discussion but the urge driver in me was brake resisting. I couldn't hold myself any longer, as I kept staring at this very sexy body and was already feeling hot inside me.

 The gentle cranny hunter between my legs had already woken from it long sleep and preaching the gospel in it own very unique way. It was so obvious that She noticed this and gave me the GREEN LIGHT. Wow! I took off my top, unzipped, we began with some folk play, I could touch every part touchable, we kissed and kissed, roll over ourselves.
It was then I thought of taking this to the next level and as I  pulled down my trousers to do the needful, the Kissing and caressing continued.

Then a voice called
"Hillary! Hillary!! Wake up and carry your food, the food is done".

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I was wondering where the voice was coming from when I knew I was just with one girl but that was a masculine voice.
How come? I thought to myself.

I ignored the voice,  bent low on her and the voice came up again. But then the transformation was already gradually taking place, the urge and mood had suddenly disappeared, then I woke up, I looked around and saw my brother Standing with a plate of Jollof rice in his hands.

I matched to the kitchen!

What a Fiction!

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