14 different People Who Stunningly Look alike, Donald Trump, Rihanna and Genevieve made the List

 It's no longer a new thing that people who are from different backgrounds, family, countries and even races do natural look alike but this very ones are Highly incredible and wow, because the resemblance here is at it peak .

 Even you who are viewing these photos below equally got your own look alike and that is why whenever you leave your place for another man's land for any reason or the other, someone you do not know could rush to meet you for  a pleasant exchange and all a sudden takes a pause with astounding facial expressions and saying "oh! Sorry, you look like someone I know.

This very ones out of many millions in the world you would like see their stunning resemblance are listed below are;

1. Donald Trump The Current American president)  vs Richard Wilson(Gaius of Merlin, a Scottish Actor and theatre Director)

2. Rihanna(American Artiste) vs Bria

3. Genevieve Nnaji(nollywood Actress) vs Ivie Okujaye

4. Prince Isaac(A Nigerian Actor and a writer) vs John Okafor( aka Mr IBU and nollywood actor)

You might want to doubt the immediate above resemblance, but should you found yourself in that category, check their other pictures below when in actual.

5. Megan Flockhart vs Emma Watson

6. Emma Watson vs Kieran Shipka

Rema( a Nigerian hip-pop Artiste) vs Kymdia( A Côte devoir Citizen and a Singer)

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