Our husbands deceive us everyday, claiming that they are at work but they spend all days arguing at newspaper stand- Women

It was a very hot afternoon, yesterday being Tuesday, 24th of March, 2020, when some group of women who were said to be residents of Rumuigbo community, Portharcourt, River state, came out and were yelling and crying bitterly and in regrets as they pointed towards a group of people gathering at the newspaper joint. They claimed that their husbands were among the group.

According to one of the complainants(name withheld), she said as quoted below;
"My husband will tell me that he is going to work to make money, and would tell me to cook with my money and when he comes back he would pay me back, and when he is back, he would lie to me they didn't pay him, I never knew he spends all time at newspaper stand until today a friend of mine called one day and I observed his movements. And this has been going on for over 15yrs"

Even while crying and yelling, they vow never to feed them again.

We are still working on to get some more information regarding this as to know what triggered the husbands to acts this way.

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