A State Cleaning agent Laments as he found aborted and prematured Babies at the Trash truck.

After tiding up the median where people use as trash dumping sites, one of the State cleaners for some aborted babies in the Trash truck and below was his the statement he made on social media as it went thus:

"Rivers State University Students
My Heart hurts ,I'm really in pains after seeing this, this evening
What are we doing Why are we doing this
Do you know the reason for sex
Do you know why God created sex
Look at this Innocent Unborn set Of triplets
Boy, Oga lecturer, Boo, Uncle, Oga At The Office, Oga At the Market (intimidating and sexually abusing their sales girls) take a good look at what A state cleaner found in at the trash truck, for your mind you Smart, ask yourself one important question this evening if The Almighty God decides to pursue you where will you run to, please o i need answers look at what you did to three innocent lives like i said last week I know Lucifer himself but as for devil he's a Human being living in the same community, school, work places, churches all around our neighborhood with us ,you that is A girl must you fu'ck to survive who do this to you why are you people doing these na tomorrow they'll run to What's it called Shiloh, 5nights of Glory which one again 7days dry fasten and prayers, you don't know what is wrong with you, your enemies is at work, ah im mother in law na witch, but you don't know that the innocent children You and your Co id!Ot Murdered are crying for vengeance before the Almighty God
,and i hope you know the consequences of splitting the blood of the innocent
I wish you do cause if you do, you won't even think of it nor Dream about it, anyway I Ivanescence, I must say No To Evil, No To Abortion enwegh onye ma afo ga amu Eze (Nobody knows the womb that will give birth to the king)"

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